I first realized I had a problem in the second grade. Once, during my brief stint at a backwoods Christian school, I started to eat the dessert out of my brown-bag lunch and the entire class piped up Flanders kids-style, "She ate her goodie first!" I was humiliated (and promptly went back to public school).

Now, I’m resigned to unhealthy fixations with chain restaurants, foreign adaptations of American cuisine, marriage proposals involving food and everything Southeast Asian. Sometimes I cook. Sometimes I eat out. And then I write about it, same as I’ve done since the dawn of the millennium.

This started as a text-only dining journal, a way to catalog my eating experiences and appease my inner librarian. So no, I’m not posting book deal-bait, staging elaborate porn or even objectively reviewing restaurants--there’s already plenty of that to go around (just like food blogging in general).

I’ve since come to terms with my goodie-loving ways, and it's obvious that I'm a glutton for more than just punishment. Goodies first? For now, it looks like I will simply continue to embrace this misguided carpe diem.


Krista Garcia